Caitlin Doucette, Designer / Project Facilitator

Caitlin Doucette Earthshine Gardens

I’m a lifelong gardener, permaculture designer and participatory educator with a passion for working with people to sustain ecological gardens, food gardens and community food projects. I have always felt a strong connection to nature, and pursued diverse opportunities to learn more about how to nurture that connection in myself and others. My journey has taken me through a Bachelor of Science in Ecology with a minor in Gender Studies, a diploma in Environmental Protection, a Master of Environmental Studies in Food Justice Praxis and a post-grad Environmental Education Diploma. I've worked with community garden, environmental and food justice groups in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Ecuador. I also co-founded and owned Sage Rising, an ecological urban herb farm. I believe that good food is an Earth right, that plants have great wisdom if we listen and that the world gets a bit better each time we come together to sink our hands into the soil.

Guy Doucette, Operations Assistant

/ Artist-in-Residence

Guy Doucette Earthshine Gardens

I’m a lover all things arts, and I am passionate about integrating theatrical, musical, culinary and botanical approaches. I’ve always been an avid gardener both professionally and in my own life, enriching the gardens of homes and businesses for over twenty years. I specialize in creating unique and imaginative spaces using the materials and plants found at hand. I balance my gardening with work as a freelance Artist and Producer creating shows, festivals and arts programs. I possess a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Creative Ensemble, and founded a theatre company called Backburner Productions. I am also the Director, Singer-Songwriter and Puppetry Artist for The Shadow Band , a unique shadow puppetry collective. I look forward to bringing creativity, magic and passion to your gardens!

Jorel Pentz, Forest Technician

Jorel Pentz headshot.jpg

I was born and raised in the South Shore on my family’s farm in Camperdown. Growing up, I had lots of farm chores, but wasn’t drawn to stay on the farm. Instead I headed off to travel the world. My travels took me to many places as a WOOFer (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and fruit picker, learning about farm and land care practices. Eventually I landed in Tazmania and Australia, where I worked as a professional diver. Eventually, Nova Scotia called me back and I returned, excited to apply my new learning to my family farm and homestead. I am obsessed with wood and have a saw mill at home. I always have my eyes peeled for special wood, wanting to capture a little piece of it to make something that lasts. I generally just love being outside – climbing trees, playing with rocks and making things. I love working with nature because it is satisfying to see the progress that can be made. It gives me a real tangible sense of accomplishment.



Nathan Lavigne, Gardener

Nathan Lavigne Earthshine gardens

When I’m not slangin’ mulch or slingin’ gravel, I like to spend my time fishing, hunting and playing music in one of my bands. My favourite part of land care is helping people transform their outdoor living spaces from ‘before’ to ‘after’. Nothing beats a hard day at work, the smell of fresh turned earth, and the smile of appreciation on a client’s face! I’m also owner-operator of a nuisance wildlife management business called Nathan’s Nuisance Nature. We specialize in nuisance wildlife trapping and relocation. Anything from beavers, raccoon, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, weasels and even rodents like squirrels rats and mice. When nature’s a nuisance, call Nathan!!

Jessica Carroll, Gardener

Jessica Carroll Earthshine Gardens

I grew up in Bridgewater spending as much of my childhood outside as possible. My father owned an arborist company. For many years, I would hold ropes and haul brush with his company Mayfair Tree Care. He sold the company in 2017. I still work for the new owners on weekends. In 2018 I spent some time WWOOFing for several farms in the maritimes. I continue to help out at Yonder Hill Farm, a local organic seed farm. You can also find me gardening at Bridgewater Community Gardens’ Network, where I have my own plot at Hodge Podge Garden and volunteer my time. I have a true love for gardening and cannot resist the feeling of getting my hands dirty. I look forward to spending time in your landscape making your garden dreams come true!

Sheila Lane, Gardener


I come to Earthshine Gardens as a self-professed cat with nine lives. An adventurer willing to try anything,  I have sailed from the Arctic to Panama, travelled across Europe, the US and Canada, and I can be found winters teaching English in Mexico.  I studied jazz guitar in college, spent a summer working as a magician’s assistant, and over twenty years working as a Casting Director for film. Born in Halifax and brought up in Lunenburg, I am a passionate Nova Scotian, believing this to be the most beautiful place in the world to live and work.  Gardening has long been my favourite hobby since first being introduced to it by my grandmother on the Eastern Shore.  I have designed and maintained gardens from scratch at every house I have inhabited in Nova Scotia for over 30 years.  I look forward to working with the Earthshine team and  sharing in your gardening dreams.